– Environmentally conscious
– Cutting edge & innovative


represents dermatologically approved & clinically effective products. Formulated for the correction, prevention & protection of the skin.  Only the purest botanicals and advanced natural phytonutrients and peptide technologies are used.
DermaFix Cosmeceuticals are environmentally conscious and do not engage in or support animal testing

Driven by a vision to provide advanced cosmeceuticals that make a real difference for superior skin care, DermaFix delivers visible results.

DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care products are carefully formulated to treat & care for your skin.  Cutting edge & innovative, DermaFix offers effective & superior solutions for anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, scarring, stretch marks & healthy skin maintenance.

Environmentally conscious, DermaFix does not engage in or support animal testing.  In an effort to reduce carbon print, DermaFix’s contribution to the environment is to be free of excessive packaging material.

Cutting edge, innovative and effective solutions for superior skin care

DermaFix skincare formulas are composed of these most effective and purest of ingredients:

Natural Peptides

AcetylHexapeptide, Rice Peptides, Oligo-Peptides, TetraPeptides 9 & 11

Apple Stem Cells

Stimulating Epidermal Regeneration with Stem Cell Technology


Improves the appearance of the skin by counteracting skin sagging

Hydrolyzed Proteins

Collagen, Elastin, Reticulin, Royal jelly, Liposome

Natural Moisturisers

Sodium PCA, Mucopolysaccharides-hyaluronic complex, Hydroplex, Panthenol

Natural Exfoliants

Alpha, Beta and Multi-fruit hydroxy acids

Natural Enzymes

Powerful lifting, Antioxidant

Other Quality Ingredients

Cold processed Botanical extracts, Marine extracts (Algae), Highly effective Vitamins (A, B5, B6, C, D3, E, F, H (Biotin), K) and Tranexamic Acid blended with Stay-C

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